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Good Doge 🍖 TREAT
3 min readSep 9, 2022

Last Modified 12/31/22

GoodDogeOrg 🍖 TREAT

Who’s a Good Doge?

A Good Doge is any shibe who lives by doing only good everyday

Good Doge Org was conceived from the inspiring Dogecoin community who cares about supporting each other, being kind, teaching people about cryptocurrency, fundraising, having fun, making memes, and being absurd

This is nicely captured by Dogecoin’s unofficial tagline: Do Only Good Everyday

Our team consists of OG shibes who have been in the tech startup and cryptocurrency space since 2011 for development, design, and business operation. We were early adopters of Bitcoin in 2011; Dogecoin miners in 2013; and more recently helped contribute for Dogechain and some of its affiliated projects.

Good Doge 🍖 TREAT

TREAT is a charity driven token partnered with TheGivingBlock and vetted by the core team at Dogechain and Frax Finance — all respected leaders in their field

TREAT has been bridged into ETH and is available cross-chain between Dogechain and Ethereum network

Name      Good Doge
Symbol TREAT
Network Dogechain, Ethereum
Listing Fraxswap, Multichain
LP Fraxswap, Uniswap

Total Supply

100,000,000 TREAT


10%   Public Sale         10,000,000 TREAT
51% Initial Burn¹ 51,000,000 TREAT
25% Great Burn² 25,000,000 TREAT
10% Liquidity 10,000,000 TREAT — Locked 3 months³
4% Burn Wallets⁴ 4,000,000 TREAT
  1. https://explorer.dogechain.dog/tx/0x6bdf12b7d9c4d280c71a13433283f24f5fc6663a1324e3036c05206b07ecc57a
  2. https://etherscan.io/tx/0xc9b9d17bc98a2740c57748a9569ba0f7d093caba179cf6c38a4346bea3212eb5
  3. https://explorer.dogechain.dog/tx/0x259c02f37c761bd04ebf40bad8f79bf5aa791afb18a6bcb5e3d5afa20fdd25da
  4. There are 4 wallets — each will never exceed or be under 1,000,000 TREAT and any excess TREAT collected from rewards will be burned at the end of every month

6% Buy/Sell Fees*

2%   Liquidity Pool¹
2% RFI Static Rewards²
2% Charity³ & Outreach⁴
  1. This fee is automatically added back into the liquidity pool where the buy/sell occurs, i.e if 100 TREAT is bought or sold at FraxSwap, then 2 TREAT is added to FraxSwap’s TREAT LP
  2. RFI, or Reflections, implement an auto-staking feature built into TREAT tokens. Holders can safely store TREAT tokens in their wallet while still earning rewards automatically instead of staking. Rewards are distributed proportionally based on the amount of TREAT held in a wallet. TREAT RFI is based on REGO305’s Reflect Technical Paper nicely documented here: https://reflect-contract-doc.netlify.app
    Burn Wallets, LP, and Charity & Outreach Wallet are excluded from these rewards
  3. Charity donations will be made in DOGE ETH or USDC at the end of profitable months to one of many The Giving Block: Impact Index Funds voted on by the community on our Telegram group or Discord server; the more shibes trade TREAT, the more DOGE is donated to amazing charities!
  4. Outreach funds will be used for marketing and development expenses. Our contract automatically converts this fee into wDOGE and ETH so the community does not have to worry about the team selling tokens to fund these expenses

* Fees are now permanent while previously dynamic upon community feedback

Contract Address (Dogechain)


Contract Address (ETH)


Charity & Outreach Wallet


Bridge Wallet


Burn Wallets


Burn Address (Dogechain)


Burn Address (ETH)




Good Doge 🍖 TREAT

Conceived from the inspiring Dogecoin community who does only good everyday 🍖 TREAT is a charity driven token on Dogechain & Ethereum